Weekly Recap: 10/27

What I did


  • Started F1 Telemetry Streaming project

    • stream data from F1 game -> nodejs UDP server
    • nodejs publishes to Ably (pub/sub PaaS)
    • twitch extension subscribes to messages from Ably and displays them
    • issues: CSP for twitch extensions and loading external JS
  • Built a edge detection demo for auditing results of manual data labelling.

    • Used scale.com results
    • Cropped bounding box images from the original image
    • Detected edges in the image by applying a convolution matrix.
    • Determined if there was useful information in the image by counting values of edge pixels.


Edge Detected:


  • Cleaned off deck
  • Prep for shower build

What I’m gonna do

  • Writeup for F1 Streaming project
  • Work on F1 Telemetry Twitch Extension
    • Start with web app portion