Building a Soil Humidity Monitor on Arduino

Hey everyone!

I recently attended the GeekWire Cloud Summit in Seattle, and listened to a great fireside chat with Kevin Scott, the CTO of Microsoft. Although he covered a wide range of subjects, he touched on how some Azure customers are using IoT to add value to the agriculture industry. That was all it took for me to start shopping around for some parts to see if I could spin up a proof of concept.

This project isn’t finished yet, but I have reached the first milestone- get soil humidity of plants. I’ll follow up with another post as I build out the notification system.

The Problem

I’m not the green thumb of the house- that’s Lindsey’s specialty. I do, however, enjoy having lots of greenery around my desk. I often neglect my plants (poor babies) and although I haven’t killed any yet, they get pretty sad when they’re not watered.

The Solution

I’d like to be notified when the plants are drying out. I can use a simple sensor (hygrometer) to detect soil humidity, and use that data to establish some thresholds around alerting.

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Triple Axis Accelerometer Visualization

I’ve got an update to the Connected Boat project!

I picked up an ADXL Triple-axis accelerometer a while back with the intention of integrating pitch and roll data into Mariah, my connected boat platform. I got it all hooked up so that it was reporting numbers towards the end of last season, but I wanted to add some sort of real-time visualization to the UI. What I’ve got now isn’t anything that will make it into the final project, but I thought it was a pretty cool use of the data and CSS 3D transforms.

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on here, so let’s start off with what the end result looks like:

Accelerometer Visualization

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Building a Smart Boat

Last year, we bought a boat. She’s old, and she’s slow, but she floats and sails and that’s pretty cool. There’s not much to ole Mariah, but the guy that sold her to us included a solar panel to charge cell phones and power a small lamp, and that idea of owning something and making it your own to solve a problem put a little tickle in the back of my head. I knew that I wanted to make this boat my own, but I wasn’t sure how.

I think most people would take an old boat and gut the interior, give her some fresh varnish, or do some other cosmetic project. Mariah needs all of that, but I wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen anyone else do before. I was going to give her a brain.

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Control a Raspberry Pi with Node.js

In the last few years, I’ve ended up with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and a handful of LEDs and other gizmos that have been sitting in a box under my desk. All of the new AWS IoT announcements piqued my curiosity again, and I finally found the time to sit down and play with my toys. I wanted to put my web dev knowledge to work, so I figured I’d learn to control the Raspberry Pi with Node.js.

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